Trade Shows on a Shoestring

Too many businesses, small and large, forego the trade show and business expo because of the perception, and sometimes reality, that events like these are cost-prohibitive. But with some thoughtful planning, it’s easy to participate in a trade show on a shoestring. Here are four simple things to do to make your next run at a trade show cost-effective and productive.  Continue reading Trade Shows on a Shoestring

Trade Show Snafus

You plan and plan and plan, because the trade show is a major investment of time, energy, and finances. You go over the supplies list ten times before you hit the road. You’ve mapped it all out beautifully. But then the guys at the booth next to yours decide to have some fun with the give-aways at the end of the day, and a glow stick gets opened, spilling chemiluminescent fluid all over your booth floor. Now what?  Continue reading Trade Show Snafus

Trade Shows Work if You Do a Little Work

If you joined a gym and expected a lean, flexible physique to appear overnight without ever lifting a weight or getting your heart rate up, well, you’d be pretty disappointed. The lack of expected results doesn’t mean the gym didn’t do its job; it means your expectations were unrealistic. Sadly the same can be said of many businesses and their approach to the trade show. Continue reading Trade Shows Work if You Do a Little Work