A Truly Classy Trade Show Booth

You’ve passed people on the exhibition floor who’ve barely managed to get a folding table and some product out before the trade show begins. The lack of professionalism is profound, and they’ll likely go home frustrated they didn’t have a better result at the show. Being prepared is key, and one of the best things you can do to make sure you’re prepared for the next trade show is to have an eye-catching, inviting, and comfortable booth for your future customers to experience. Continue reading A Truly Classy Trade Show Booth

Giveaways at the Trade Show

How many giveaways do you still have from being an attendee at a trade show? Did the giveaway make you remember the vendor or want/continue to do business with the company that gave you the gift? These are actually very important considerations as you prepare to be a vendor at the next trade show. Where are your money, time, and resources going to be the most effective? Continue reading Giveaways at the Trade Show