Get Engaged

If you’ve ever worked in a retail setting, a good retail setting, you’ve probably learned how to engage customers appropriately. In grocery stores, you just say hi and do your job. In a boutique, you welcome your customers personally as they walk in and begin to feel them out: what are they looking for? Is this their first time in your shop? What can you help them find? That kind of engagement communicates a personal interest and a level of commitment that you don’t get in a grocery store. And that’s as it should be. The same is true of your trade show appearance. Continue reading Get Engaged

Growing Your Business and Staff with Trade Shows

Trade shows serve several functions including, but not limited to, attracting future clients, introducing a new product or service, and making industry contacts. But too few businesses consider the trade show as a venue for attracting a work force. How you present your business at a trade exhibition can boost your company’s image and make someone say, “Hmm, it would be really cool to work here.” Continue reading Growing Your Business and Staff with Trade Shows