Help for Trade Shows

Ever notice how many ads you see on search engines for trade show consultants, assistants, coordinators, and staffers? The trade show industry is huge (pronounce that however you like), and each show requires extensive amounts of planning and coordination. For a “small fee” you as a business owner can hire a consultant to tell you how to get the most out of your trade show experience. But for just a few minutes of research, you can get all that information for free. Continue reading Help for Trade Shows

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

You’re getting ready for yet another trade show. Chances are you’re thinking about selling product, setting up an attractive booth, working with social media, arranging for significant giveaways, and ways to keep track of your contacts. That’s all crucial to the success of your participation in any exhibition. But don’t overlook the needs of those wandering the myriad aisles of the show. What is something they actually need right then and there that you could provide? Continue reading Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Creativity vs. Integrity

If you use a search engine to find “creative trade show ideas” you’d better get ready to be overwhelmed. Everybody’s got ideas on how to get traffic into your booth and close sales. The problem is, depending on your venue and the type of business you own, you may be wasting your time on some of those “creative” ideas. The best bet: an elegant, professional quality booth, and be the solution to a problem your visitors may not even know they have. Continue reading Creativity vs. Integrity