A Gift to Your Business

It’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts for the employees, but how about giving yourself and your business a gift this year with some new trade show booth flooring mats? Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! An upgrade to your current trade show booth might make your New Year’s Resolution (more sales) easier to achieve when your at the exhibition hall. Continue reading A Gift to Your Business

The Possibilities of EVA Foam

If you use EVA foam mats in your trade show booth you have a lot in common with surfers, fishermen, sneakers, and cos-play costumes. Probably didn’t think about that, did you? The invention of EVA foam has allowed myriad industries to make their products better and less expensive. And if you use EVA mats in your trade show booth, you know this is true. Continue reading The Possibilities of EVA Foam

The Trade Show Terror

You might not feel it if you’re just attending, but a trade show is a marathon for those who staff the booths—and sadly, it is often an EVA foam mat-free, sore-feet-inducing marathon for many, many staffers. The smart staffer will know that someone should be standing at the booth, as it is the mark of someone who is prepared to engage with passers-by, as opposed to sitting, which is the mark of someone who is too tired to give 100% to the task at hand. But how on earth are you supposed to stay on your feet all day on a hard convention center floor? Continue reading The Trade Show Terror