Give Sore Feet the Boot

You know that feeling when you’re walking around the trade show floor, sizing up the other booths, and you see somebody’s flooring and you think “Man, that’s some really impressive flooring. I wish I had that flooring for my trade show booth.” Yeah, most people don’t know that feeling either. We’re typically focused on the display, the banners, the equipment, all that kind of stuff, but you know what’s universally true of people working trade show booths that aren’t concerned about flooring? Sore feet. You know what’s an absolutely miserable way to end the day? Sooooore feet. Continue reading Give Sore Feet the Boot

Is This You at the Trade Show?

It’s a fact that there is literally nothing worse in the world than a cold floor in the wintertime, and you definitely don’t want to deal with that in your trade show booth. It’s not that we think you or your visitors are going to be standing in your booth barefoot, but even looking at cold concrete floors in these months of the year is enough to send shivers up the spine. It’s not an inviting look, and it’s also pretty easy to overlook when you’re concerned with the broader design of your booth in terms of representing your company with your logos, color schemes, and other graphic work. Continue reading Is This You at the Trade Show?

Floor Mats Can Raise Your Bottom Line

Comfortable trade show booth staffers are more likely to be engaging, enthusiastic and motivated, which is why providing them with trade show booth flooring is a must if you on the circuit. We’re not talking heavy rolls of carpet they have to lug in and out of the exhibition hall, we’re talking light-weight, stackable, movable, and affordable EVA foam mats. Continue reading Floor Mats Can Raise Your Bottom Line

Prepping for the New Year

Ringing in the New Year might mean a new look for your trade show booth, and there’s no better place to start than with your booth’s floor. “Yeah! I’m dying to work on my trade show booth floor!” said no one. Ever. Until now! The foundation of any solid structure begins with the floor, and your trade show both floor is no exception. So go ahead! Get excited! Continue reading Prepping for the New Year