Tips for the Show

It’s easy to understand why many businesses don’t include trade show booths in their marketing plans; it can cost an arm and a leg. Sometimes just the registration fees can blow your budget, let alone designing and constructing a professional-looking trade show booth. But there’s good news: with just a little planning ahead, it’s easy to participate in a trade show on a shoestring budget. Here are a few tips to make your next trade show cost-effective and productive.  Continue reading Tips for the Show

Trade Show in Person

I’m getting ready to attend (not exhibit) a massive trade show encompassing three floors of an exhibition hall. Already I’m feeling like I should give each exhibitor a hug – poor folks will have been standing on their feet for 10 hours for two days. Agony. I wish they could all have comfortable flooring for their trade show booths, like EVA foam mats. Continue reading Trade Show in Person