Remember my last post about hoping to find some trade show genius who made their booth comfortable with some soft, welcoming EVA foam mats? Yeah. Never happened. With over 600 booths, not one had taken the time to pay a little attention to the flooring under their tables, chairs, or displays. And I have the sore joints to prove it. Pictured is a pair of shoes worn by another attendee. How do you thinkĀ she felt about an hour into the show?! Continue reading Ouch!!

The Consumer at Your Trade Show

I’m heading to a trade show in a couple of days and just received the floor plan; my feet hurt just thinking about walking all over the place with no decent trade show booth flooring in sight. Maybe I’m wrong – maybe there will be a trade show genius who’s prepared his/her booth with a comfortable, shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue floor where I can spend a little extra time relaxing. Let’s hope so. Continue reading The Consumer at Your Trade Show