The “Hamilton” of the Trade Show

Do your feet feel like they’ve been waiting in line for Hamilton tickets after just a few hours on your trade show booth floor? Of course you’d never actually get the tickets, so there wouldn’t even be a reward at the end of your back-breaking wait. Let’s hope the same isn’t true of the trade show you’ve been planning for months to attend. There’s one way to make sure your participation in the trade exhibition is a productive and comfortable one (if not as entertaining as a Broadway show). When you floor your trade show booth with supportive EVA foam mats, you’re sure to feel like you’re getting the VIP treatment without paying the ridiculous cost. Continue reading The “Hamilton” of the Trade Show

Comfortable and Profitable Networking

Networking on a comfortable surface at the trade show, say on some EVA foam mats, is going to be a lot easier and more productive than if you’d been standing on concrete all day. Sure, your goal is to sell your product, but networking can be a great plus to your activities at the trade show. Is your booth set up for this kind of interaction?¬† Continue reading Comfortable and Profitable Networking

Better Booth, Better Sales

The bottom line is that you want increased sales from your participation in a trade show, and one of the most unusual ways to get more people to your booth is by covering your booth floor in an attractive wood grain or solid-colored pattern floor.¬†Seriously – how do you stand out from the huge crowd that’s trying to make their booths stand out? Most likely they’re focused on giveaways, performers, raffles, music, lighting, etc. Those are not bad ideas, but everyone is doing them. Continue reading Better Booth, Better Sales