Pack It Up and Head On Out

As I write, a friend is loading her pickup truck and heading to a trade show. The last thing she puts in the truck bed will be the first thing she needs to unload: her flooring. She’s a wise business owner, so she’s chosen a flooring system that’s lightweight and easy to transport, water and stain resistant, easily installed in just minutes, and impresses customers at first glance. Nothing can do all that you say? It may be hard to believe, but EVA foam mats can accomplish all this and more at your next trade show. Continue reading Pack It Up and Head On Out

Disaster Before the Trade Show

Have you ever had absolutely everything go wrong just before a trade show event? Lose directions, printer goes wonky, product didn’t ship, staff catches pneumonia, and the car rental place doesn’t seem to have your reservation? Yeah, absolute nightmare. One thing that is always in your control, however, is the flooring material you choose for your booth. Granted, when all that other stuff is happening, it’s hard to see your floor as the silver lining, but if you have light-weight, easily-maintained and -installed flooring, well, at least you don’t have to worry about that. Continue reading Disaster Before the Trade Show