Bottom Lines

The “bottom line” is, well, literally the bottom line of your balance sheet, but what if it were considered the foundation from which you built your trade show presence instead? What if, instead of a number, your bottom line was literally the bottom of your trade show booth – your floor?! And what if you thought about both those definitions as equally important? Continue reading Bottom Lines

Damaged Goods

Would you accept a mailed package containing new additions to your trade show booth if it arrived looking like the one in the picture? Of course not, but I just saw an online service (named after a guy…you know the one), where someone was trying to sell a pop out retractable trade show booth stand and the stand was stuffed into a used box with the previous packaging tape still dangling off of it. You couldn’t see the assembled product, it was presented poorly, and it looked like no one really cared whether they sold it or not. Do you have this problem with your trade show booth? Continue reading Damaged Goods

To Show or Not to Show

I was just invited to attend a trade show that I’m told will be four times larger than one of a similar kind I attended previously. I’m thinking about all the new products, the contacts I could make with direct suppliers, and the discounts I could secure. I’m also thinking about the physical toll it will take on my body. Is it really worth it for met to attend? But as a believer in trade shows, I also look at the invitation from the perspective of the vendors: they may not have a choice but to attend, regardless of what it does to their joints and aching backs. Continue reading To Show or Not to Show

“Is This a Trade Show or Am I at the Beach?”

Sitting down at your trade show booth is the equivalent of wearing headphones on an airplane: it communicates the message that you’re not interested in being spoken to. Is that what you wan to say? Of course not, so how do we keep you on your feet, energized, and letting folks know that you want to engage them? By making you comfortable on some attractive and soft EVA foam floor mats. Continue reading “Is This a Trade Show or Am I at the Beach?”