Make Money in Your Sleep

Using EVA foam multipurpose mats as the foundation for your trade show booth is like making money in your sleep. Seriously. Because long after the show is over, when you’re in your hotel room or at home, tucking yourself in for the night, the people who visited your booth are lying in their beds thinking back on the booths they visited at the exhibition and yours is coming to mind. Why did yours stand out? Because the minute they stepped into your area, their feet were greeted with softness and support. Yes, while you’re sleeping, the memory of your booth is still impacting your visitors, and creating fond memories of your product or service. You’re literally making money in your sleep. Continue reading Make Money in Your Sleep

The Trade Show Booth Story

What story does your trade show booth tell? Is it a war history, with scratches, dents, duct tape, and stained carpet? Is it a drama with barely hidden attempts at covering up blemishes you don’t want the customer to see? Maybe it’s a comedy, with misfit components, a staffer who doesn’t take the whole thing seriously, and people literally laughing at your “booth.” Hopefully it’s none of the above, but if you’re concerned about keeping your booth out of any of those categories, there’s a good way to begin, and it’s really affordable. Continue reading The Trade Show Booth Story