The Trade Show Booth as a Room

Making your trade show booth look and feel more like a showroom is easy when you start with a foundation of soft, supportive, and comfortable EVA foam flooring mats. When the environment is a familiar one, or at least a comfortable one, potential customers will feel more at ease listening to your sales pitch and lingering long enough to be convinced your company can make their lives better.  Continue reading The Trade Show Booth as a Room

A Quick and Easy Solution

How many times have you wished you could afford a decent flooring system for your trade show booth but assumed it wouldn’t be money wisely spent? There’s good news: not only is a new flooring solution affordable, but it can actually help make your booth more comfortable and ultimately more productive!  Continue reading A Quick and Easy Solution

Practicality and Productivity

Your trade show booth’s floor is key to your success on the exhibition circuit, though it might seem like a floor is hardly worth mentioning. But when you reduce the amount of time you spend installing and maintaining your booth’s floor, and increase the comfort level of your staff and the visitors to your booth, you’ve made an important step toward making your trade show booth the most effective it can be.  Continue reading Practicality and Productivity