A Better Booth for Your Next Trade Show

Technology can bring you closer to your customers, no question. Your business is on the computer screen in their living rooms, so it doesn’t get much closer than that! But at the same time, technology can also put great distance between you and your potential customers simply because you may never meet and have the advantage of one-on-one interaction. To bridge this gap, many businesses, large and small, find great benefit in the brick-and-mortar trade show. A trade show or exhibition puts your service or product in front of people who will buy and sell it, but with the bonus of having you actually in the room with them. Now, granted, it’s a big room. So your work is cut out for you. How do you get your potential buyers to your booth and keep them there?

It’s all about first impressions. Classy, to-the-point, professional, and buyer-friendly. Make your booth the one they gravitate to, and you’ll have your foot in the door. With all the lightweight, portable display, construction, and lighting materials available, you can construct a booth that will stand out from the crowd at a very low cost. Coordinate your display with your business logo and colors – too much going on looks messy and chaotic. Keep it simple and consistent.

Most businesses get so caught up in their products that they neglect the space around them at trade shows. Paris Fashion Week isn’t held in a school gym, it’s in the Carrousel du Louvre. Why? Because venue can be an indispensable tool in displaying a product. Utilize all the space available to you to showcase your product. Employ attractive and focused lighting to highlight not only your product, but the spaces around it. Attractive flooring, especially if it’s soft, will bring weary buyers over just for a little respite for their feet, making them more amenable to your products. If customers note that you’ve paid attention to their comfort at the trade show in addition to showcasing your product, they will likely make loyal customers.

Attracting customers is step one. Step two, and it’s a big one, is keeping them at your booth long enough to make the fantastic impression on them you’ve been practicing for years. Your product deserves the best introduction and a trade show can be an efficient and productive way of getting it out there. Make the most of your space, be mindful of your buyers’ needs, and keep your booth simple, creative, and professional. The only remaining variable is you, and if you are sincere about your business, you’re no variable at all.