A Festive Trade Show Booth

Can you picture your trade show booth with a green and red checkered floor for Christmas?? How about a white and green one for St. Patty’s day? Maybe multi-colored pastels for Easter? Maybe the better question is, why is any of this even worth talking about?!

Trade show booth flooring isn’t something that immediately comes to mind when you’re talking about marketing your product or service at the trade exhibition. But how do you stand out from all those others? Certainly a booth floor that is color coordinated with your logo is attractive and looks classy, but if you really want to get their attention, go for a themed scheme. It’s Black Friday in two days, and the stores have all stocked up on what they think they’ll need, but the major buyers are already on the lookout for what will be hot next year. Stand out at the next trade show with a floor that grabs attention.

Maybe you don’t have to color coordinate with every holiday, but with easily connected and disconnected EVA multi-colored floor mats, you could actually have enough colors in your inventory to change the scheme at each venue. Going to a college town? How cool would it be to have the school’s colors on your trade show booth floor? Got a seasonal show? Reflect the season with your floor. With just a few basic solid color mats, you could mix and match and change your look with any venue your booth participates at.

Trade show booth flooring is so versatile you really can pick exactly what you want, load it up in a shoulder bag and go to the show. Then, next show, switch the colors up and you have a whole new booth! You’ll stand out to the regular attenders because you don’t have the same look every time. Change it up and have some fun!