A Gift to Your Business

It’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts for the employees, but how about giving yourself and your business a gift this year with some new trade show booth flooring mats? Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! An upgrade to your current trade show booth might make your New Year’s Resolution (more sales) easier to achieve when your at the exhibition hall.

Trade show booth flooring isn’t exactly the gift you’re dying to open in December, but it’s one that will last for years to come and will make your job at trade shows a whole lot easier while making your booth more attractive to the potential customers who approach your booth. You can give just about any product or service a little boost with some attractive, soft wood grain flooring in the booth. Of course, people will think it’s a wood floor, but when they step on it and feel 3/8″ of soft, EVA foam under their tired feet, you’ll have their attention. Not only will they feel more comfortable in your booth, they’re more likely to stay longer because of it!

Now, EVA wood grain flooring isn’t your only option. If you have a great color scheme going with your business and product, nothing will make it pop even more than a color coordinated floor. Solid color EVA foam mats can be mixed and matched to blend in with your company colors; they can be checkerboard style, or just about any pattern you can come up with. Enjoy some creativity! And the best thing about using EVA foam mats is that they’re easy to care for and to transport. You can just sweep off debris, wipe off any spills, and separate the mats from each other by their puzzle-piece tabs to stack and load into the van. They’re very lightweight, so you won’t be sore even before the show begins!

Give yourself the gift of comfort this year with the lightweight, affordable and eye-popping gift of a new EVA foam floor for your trade show booth.