A Professional Look Without the Professional

As a business owner, you know you have a great product or service, but at your trade show booth, you have to get that idea across to your visitors immediately and with impact. How can you achieve this if you can’t afford a professionally designed booth? 

Take a look around at other trade show booths next time you have the opportunity. Note which booth you are drawn to and why. Is it a fancy design (that probably cost a small fortune) or an economic and creative design? Does it have an intentional flow of information and traffic? Is it located advantageously? What has the business leveraged to attract your attention?

It’s not the sexiest part of a trade show booth, but the flooring of a trade show booth can actually be used to attract customers and enhance your own performance at the exhibition. There are lots of options out there for flooring: rolls of carpet (who wants to lug that thing all over the circuit?), area rugs (stained so easily), or just the plain old concrete of the convention center floor. None of these are going to give you an edge, but an attractive wood grain floor will really pop, especially if it’s made of EVA foam and provides cushioning as well as aesthetic appeal. Foam flooring is, by definition, lightweight, so transporting to and from shows is much easier than heavy rolls of carpet. Foam mats are also water- and stain-resistant, so you won’t have to move a piece of furniture over that coffee spill anymore. And if one of the mats ever becomes damaged, all you have to do is replace that mat – not the whole flooring system. It’s an affordable, practical, and super comfortable way to catch eyes.

EVA foam trade show booth floors are also anti-fatigue. They absorb shock that your joints sustain standing on hard floors. And when you feel good, you perform better. Imagine having the same energy at the end of the day that you did when the day began! Your visitors will notice the difference.

If you can’t afford a professionally designed trade show booth, consider making a simple upgrade to an EVA wood grain flooring system. It’s the marketing tool you never considered, but could just be the key to your best trade show performance yet.