A Quick and Easy Solution

How many times have you wished you could afford a decent flooring system for your trade show booth but assumed it wouldn’t be money wisely spent? There’s good news: not only is a new flooring solution affordable, but it can actually help make your booth more comfortable and ultimately more productive! 

EVA foam is a fantastic substance from which to make trade show booth flooring. It’s the stuff flip-flops are made from, so you know the flooring will be soft, shock-absorbing, and comfortable to walk on and stand on for hours on end. The flooring mats themselves can come in a variety of appearances and textures, so you’re free to choose the one that matches your booth’s existing look or changes it up to take on a little different aesthetic. If you like the warmth and comfort of carpet but hate lugging a heavy roll of it from venue to venue, try some carpet topped mats. The 24″ square mats are super lightweight and connect to each other with tabs for a seamless look.

A little wood grain says high-end to the passerby, but you’ll know it’s actually faux wood grain on EVA foam. Wait until your potential customers step onto it at your booth. They’ll be pleasantly surprised, welcomed with comfort, and will likely spend just a little more time in your booth because it feels so good. Maybe now’s a good time for that sales pitch you’ve been working on…

If you just need a little padding, maybe a little color, and an easy way to make the booth blend together, some solid color multi-purpose mats will do the trick. Of course you can just choose a single solid color, but mixing a couple offers the opportunity to create some eye-catching patterns. Because they’re water- and stain-resistant, all those coffee and soda spills can be wiped up easily and the floor will continue to look good as new. That *never* happens with a solid roll of carpet.

EVA foam trade show both flooring is the quickest, easiest, most comfortable, and most affordable flooring solution you’ll ever find for you trade show booth. Get started with some floor mats and be on your way to a better experience at your next trade exhibition.