A Truly Classy Trade Show Booth

You’ve passed people on the exhibition floor who’ve barely managed to get a folding table and some product out before the trade show begins. The lack of professionalism is profound, and they’ll likely go home frustrated they didn’t have a better result at the show. Being prepared is key, and one of the best things you can do to make sure you’re prepared for the next trade show is to have an eye-catching, inviting, and comfortable booth for your future customers to experience.

Nothing screams “we’re not interested in you” quite the way tired, aching staff does when they’re at the end of a trade show. It just shows on their faces. How can you keep them energized and ready to engage right up to the last few minutes? Same way you’re going to attract customers to your booth: with a classy booth design that stands out from the crowd.

How is booth design going to energize your staff? It’s going to be built on an attractive, anti-fatigue, wood-grain finish floor that absorbs shock, cushions joints, and looks for all the world like real hardwood flooring. So your staff gets to the end of the day without feeling like they’ve been standing on the same concrete your competitors have – there’s your edge! And when potential customers catch a glimpse of the attention you’ve paid to the detail in your booth, right down to that I-swear-it’s wood floor, they’ll be impressed enough to stop. Just watch their faces as they step onto your wood-grain EVA foam flooring. They’ll be shocked it’s not the hard wood feel they were expecting, and after walking around for hours on the concrete exhibition floor, they’ll breathe a sigh of relief and perhaps just linger a little longer in your booth.

Who knew trade show flooring could be a multi-tasker? Keep your employees comfortable and energized while attracting and engaging new customers at the next trade show.