Affordable Exhibition Booth Flooring

When you’re in the market for a new flooring system for your trade show booth, consider the low-cost, low-maintenance, high-return EVA foam mats. These trade show booth flooring mats are versatile, easily transported, and are real eye-catchers.

When you compare the cost of EVA trade show booth flooring with the alternatives (carpet rolls or tiles, hardwood sections, etc.), you’ll be amazed how much more square footage you get for your buck. That frees up a little of your budget for other things like pre-event advertising, some extra touches you may have been doing without, maybe even a nicer hotel between shows! Replacement costs of damaged hardwood and carpet are significantly higher, because you basically have to replace the whole thing. With EVA trade show booth flooring, you only have to replace the tile that becomes damaged, not the whole floor. This is because the EVA foam mats are designed to be fitted together like pieces of a puzzle. Each mat has tabs, just like a puzzle piece, that fit together with the other mats. So when one is damaged, just replace that single tile (with one of the extras you already have).

It takes only minutes to install the light-weight EVA trade show booth flooring, freeing up your valuable time to focus on putting your product or service in the best light. Once installed using single color or multi-colored mats that can create whatever pattern you choose, you can rest assured that the mats will be easy to care for. If spills occur during the show (that *never* happens!!), just wipe them up and you don’t have to worry about staining. At the end of the show, just sweep the mats off, disassemble them, and you’re done.

The eye-catching aspect of the trade show mats will have all kinds of new and potential customers stopping by for a better look. And you will have accomplished this all with just a few bucks. Doubtful you’ll ever make such a smart investment for your business as some EVA foam trade show booth flooring.