Appealing to the Potential Customer

When your job at the trade show is to appeal to as many potential customers you can, you need all the help you can get, and believe it or not, some attractive wood grain EVA foam floor mats can help.

EVA foam mats are so comfortable, you won’t be aching at the end of the day, which means you’ll feel your best when a potential customer approaches. You’ll be energized and excited to talk about your product, not looking at them with a glazed over look that says, “I just want to go home.” Customers can tell when a sales person is engaged and when they’re not. If something as simple as some EVA foam mats can help you achieve that engaged look, go for it!

Affordability is never an issue with trade show booth flooring made from EVA material. The mats are sold in packs, but can also be purchased individually. Buying one or two extra means you have the ability at a trade show to immediately replace a mat should it become damaged. With a roll of carpet, you’re kind of stuck with it. And the cost of replacing an entire roll of carpet is much greater than purchasing a single EVA foam mat.

And talk about attractive: you can use the upscale wood grain mats, or choose from solid color EVA foam mats, maybe a few different colors to complement your business colors. Either way you go, customers will be drawn to the look of your booth, and be more likely to stop and see what’s going on. And once you have them in the booth, they’ll be shocked and delighted to have their feet cushioned in 3/8″ of soft, anti-fatigue EVA foam.

EVA foam mats, because of their material are also light-weight and easy to carry. The interlocking tabs literally make it a snap to install and take up again. They’re easily transported in a shoulder bag and are ready for the next show. There’s really no reason not to consider EVA foam flooring for your booth. It’s the low-cost, high-quality solution to a more attractive presence at your next trade show.