Be the Reason They Close the Deal

In an age of impersonal, online purchasing, the trade show may seem a dinosaur. But the truth is that consumers, investors, and business owners all need a nudge to buy, invest, or create a relationship. The trade show plays an important role in this process as it introduces you and your product.

The fact is that when consumers make a connection to someone they trust or feel good about, they’re more likely to follow through with a purchase. What better venue for you to present yourself and your team than the trade show? The expo is an opportunity to set your business apart from others, to demonstrate sincerity, trustworthiness, and honesty. Of course your display and product have to come through, too, but trade shows can be as much about you as your product.

Thanks to online browsing, it’s likely that someone who approaches your booth has already done a little research on your product online. Long before you ever get to the trade show, make sure your Web presence is thorough, easily navigable, and engaging. That way, when the consumer takes the step of approaching you at the trade show, you can be sure they’ve already had a good introduction. But once they’re at your display, the spotlight is on you. They’ve arrived and are asking for more. This is your chance.

A hard, pushy sales approach will send them packing to the competitor’s booth, so be prepared to engage the potential customer in whatever conversation is natural to them. Flexibility is the key. If you’re personally invested in them (not just their money), they’ll know. Ask if they’re new to trade shows, have they heard of your business before, did they know about “x” feature your business offers? Find a genuine way to invite them into the conversation. And be prepared to listen. Everyone loves to tell their story, even at a trade show. If you’re the one who took the time to listen and engage personally, you may just be the reason the deal gets closed.

Good products and scintillating booth displays are musts, but in order to gain the edge, a genuine, sincere, and patient staff is going to be the key to closing the deal. Be the Reason.