Better Booth, Better Sales

The bottom line is that you want increased sales from your participation in a trade show, and one of the most unusual ways to get more people to your booth is by covering your booth floor in an attractive wood grain or solid-colored pattern floor. Seriously – how do you stand out from the huge crowd that’s trying to make their booths stand out? Most likely they’re focused on giveaways, performers, raffles, music, lighting, etc. Those are not bad ideas, but everyone is doing them.

If your booth has what appears to be a beautiful hardwood floor, it will impress, but when your visitors step on it, the softness and anti-fatigue cushioning that greets their feet will *really* impress. Because your floor is made of 3/8″ of EVA foam. It’s the same foam that flip-flops are made of. And when your visitors have been walking around the exhibition all day on the hard concrete floor, they will undoubtedly appreciate a welcome foot massage when they step into your booth.

So how does EVA foam translate into increased sales? Simple. The longer you can keep potential customers in your booth, the more likely you are to land a sale or make a solid contact. And with a comforting, soft EVA floor, your visitors will likely linger a little longer in your booth, perhaps subconsciously, because it just feels good. And they may realize, too, that you’ve gone the extra mile in making them comfortable. And that says a lot about a business: you’re interested in them, not just in selling your product. Again, they’ll be impressed.

Whether you choose to use a single color or multiple colors to complement your company colors or logo, or an elegant, eye-catching wood grain, you will have a better booth. And better booths mean better performance at the trade show. Trust your booth to do a little of your marketing work for you by endowing it with a striking new EVA flooring system.