Better Carpet for Your Trade Show Booth

Tired of lugging a heavy, uncompromising roll of commercial carpet to every trade show to give your booth that warm, cozy feel? Instead, try tossing a few carpet topped squares of EVA foam into a shoulder bag and installing your carpet trade show booth floor in just minutes. No aching back, no positioning furniture to cover stains, and no more dreading the setup and take-down of the exhibition space – is it possible? Not only is it possible, it’s can be gorgeous, and just the facelift (or floorlift) your trade show booth needs.

Carpeted trade show booth floors are just a matter of preference, and there’s no doubt they make your booth warm and inviting. But many small business owners have been led to believe that that look and feel can only be achieved by the use of a big, heavy roll of commercial carpet, one that essentially requires a truck to transport and at least two people to carry. Frankly, those rolls are inflexible, expensive, and require a lot of human resources. What if you could achieve the same look and feel affordably and only require a single staffer to install and pack up at the end of the day? With carpet top EVA foam interlocking mats, you can have your warm, inviting look in minutes and for a fraction of the cost of the big commercial carpet rolls.

Carpet top EVA foam mats get a lot of use in homes, but they’re just the ticket for a comfortable, anti-fatigue trade show booth, too. Imagine a trade show booth that said “welcome to my living room” to passersby. Inviting? You bet! Immediately, potential customers’ feet are greeted by a respite from the hard, unforgiving floor of the exhibition hall (fair warning: they may be so comfortable they stay just a little longer!). The colors are vibrant, and because you can swap out a damaged or stained mat for a new one means the surface as a whole will stay looking brand new for a very long time. They’re water resistant, too, so if a spill does occur, you can just absorb it with a rag, clean it with a little cool water and have every expectation that it will look great when you’re done.

Speaking of being done, at the end of the day, when other vendors are holding their lower backs and dreading the arduous take-down job, you’ll simply take up your individual carpet top booth tiles (which lock together with puzzle piece-like tabs), stack them into your convenient shoulder carrying bag, and toss them into the car. Don’t even think about a sore back or stressed feet. You’ll feel much better than your competitors at the end of the day (probably do better sales as a result), and have made that warm, inviting, and unique impression on your customers at the same time.

If you insist on carpet for your trade show booth, insist on the best: carpet topped EVA foam mats. Your feet, back, customers, and bottom line will all thank you.