Bottom Lines

The “bottom line” is, well, literally the bottom line of your balance sheet, but what if it were considered the foundation from which you built your trade show presence instead? What if, instead of a number, your bottom line was literally the bottom of your trade show booth – your floor?! And what if you thought about both those definitions as equally important?

Trade show booth flooring is the actual foundation of your trade show booth’s presence, and as everyone knows, the foundation is crucial to the structural success of any construction. But it’s more than that for a trade show booth. You’re going to be standing on your booth’s floor all day, and if it’s shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue, attractive, and draws the attention of passers by, you’ve got more than a foundation, you’ve got a marketing tool. If the colors of your floor sort of pop, or if you’ve chosen an attractive, elegant, and seriously classy wood grain style of EVA foam flooring, your floor can actually be the thing that grabs someone’s attention. And once they step onto the flooring, they’ll be impressed that you’ve made the attempt to help make them comfortable in your booth. Will this translate into a sale or contract? Well, that part’s up to you.

EVA foam flooring is truly the optimal flooring for traveling from venue to venue. In total, it will weigh exponentially less than a roll of carpet or floating hardwood flooring. It’s literally a snap to install because the edges are just like puzzle pieces: they fit together snugly to form a seamless look or you can mix colors for a patterned appearance. Straight edge pieces define the perimeter of the coverage and a shoulder bag hauls them all easily from car to venue. Installation takes about 10 minutes. You really can’t beat it.

Your bottom line is financial, but also foundational. Make yours comfortable, profitable, and easy to achieve with EVA foam mats.