Comfort = Sales

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, having an attractive and functional trade show booth with elegant wood grain foam flooring can help you sell it better. Visitors to trade shows are drawn by what they recognize, but also to what attracts their attention, and if you have an elegant, upscale trade show booth rather than just a folding table and some cheap giveaways, you’re going to capture not only their attention, but their memories and hopefully their business as well.

It’s not real hardwood flooring, but EVA foam wood grain flooring sure could play it on tv. Foam flooring mats, like the wood grain mats, are actually squares of EVA foam (think flip-flop material) that link together with tabs for a seamless look so real, you’ll really have to look for the connections to know it’s not real hardwood. But for passersby, they’ll think you’ve got a super upscale booth with your fancy hardwood flooring. You must mean business if you’ve gone to the trouble of assembling that kind of flooring for a trade show. So they stop at your booth.

After they step onto your EVA foam floor and realize it’s not actual hardwood, they’ll probably ask you about it, so do your research! Their feet will suddenly feel a gentle respite from the hard convention hall flooring as they meander through your products and displays. After standing in one spot to have a conversation at any other booth, customers are ready to move on after about a minute because their feet hurt. But in your booth, the opposite is likely. They’re comfortable here! And guess what – that’s going to be what they associate with your business: comfort. Even if you’re business is selling hypodermic needles, they’re going to remember how nice it felt to be in your booth and consequently, they’ll remember your product as well.

You know what they say: you get exactly one opportunity to make a good first impression, so hit it out of the park with wood grain EVA foam mats in your trade show booth.