Comfortable and Profitable Networking

Networking on a comfortable surface at the trade show, say on some EVA foam mats, is going to be a lot easier and more productive than if you’d been standing on concrete all day. Sure, your goal is to sell your product, but networking can be a great plus to your activities at the trade show. Is your booth set up for this kind of interaction? 

Many young, small businesses throw their booths together with as little forethought or resources as possible, including trade show booth flooring, which can hamstring them from the get-go. To get the most out of the trade show, sales and networking must go hand-in-hand. And to do both, your booth needs to be designed to be attractive to the eye and accessible to the attendees, but also comfortable enough to have a long conversation.

Have you ever even given a thought to your booth flooring? Think about it – people come into your booth, then out. How do you keep them in the booth longer? One approach is to make the flooring so comfortable, they’ll be intrigued by it and stay a little longer just because it feels much better than the rest of the convention floor. If the customers are comfortable, they’re more likely to be open to an approach and a conversation that lasts more than a few seconds. If you design your booth with a soft, comfortable, and supportive EVA floor, and provide an attractive and comfortable place for conversation, you may just see your bottom line rise.

If your visitors are comfortable on your trade show booth flooring, they’re more likely to tell you their stories – what they’re really after. It’s all about story-telling, isn’t it? You want to tell them your story (about your product) and they, if given enough time, will tell you theirs – what need there is in their lives that your business might fill. So make them comfortable, allow lots of time for conversation, and not only will you be more likely to make a sale, you will be very likely to make a long-term, loyal customer.

Networking ability is a key function of your trade show booth; make the most of your opportunities with a well-designed, comfortably floored, and smoothly operated trade show booth.