Competitive Advantage at the Trade Show

Keeping up with competitors at the trade show is a dog-eat-dog world, but with a beautiful EVA wood grain floor catching your potential customers’ eyes, you’re a dog ahead of the rest of the pack.

With an elegant, looks-like-real-hardwood classic oak finish foam floor under your exhibition space, passersby will think a couple of things: you’re loaded, since you can afford a to bring a real hardwood floor to your trade show, and since you’re loaded, that probably means you have a great product they might be interested in. You aren’t intentionally misleading them, in fact when they step into your booth, they’ll be shocked to discover a supportive yet cushioned surface greeting their tired feet. So it’s not real hard wood. But it sure looks like it! You may have to answer questions about your floor before you can get to talking about your product, but it’s a great opportunity to explain that you chose this particular flooring because you knew customers would appreciate a little respite from the hard convention flooring. First impression? Gold.

Once they’re standing on your shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue faux wood grain flooring, they’re ready to listen. Now is your chance. You’ve made them comfortable, and since you’ve been standing on the same flooring for hours, you’re energized and ready to deliver your best pitch. Tired staffers make for tired pitches, but when you’ve got EVA foam under your feet, you’re ready for the All-Star game because you’re not as tired and achy as the competition. And that’s your best advantage.

Classic oak flooring lends elegance and style to a trade show booth. But what if you want something a little different? Something that might stand out even more? Maybe even something playful? Try a different wood grain, like cork, or even bamboo. Maybe you want a floor that complements the colors of your business? Skip the wood grain and go for a couple of different colors of multipurpose EVA foam mats. These range in thickness anywhere from 3/8″ to 3/4″ so you can decide just how comfortable you want to be. And since they connect to each other with puzzle-piece style tabs, you can stack them on top of each other, put them in a shoulder bag, and not have to worry about hauling a heavy roll of carpet from venue to venue.

Go ahead: shamelessly take advantage of EVA foam flooring for your leg up on the competition at the next trade show convention. Every advantage you can get is an opportunity to lock in a loyal customer and generate sales long after the exhibition is over.