Damaged Goods

Would you accept a mailed package containing new additions to your trade show booth if it arrived looking like the one in the picture? Of course not, but I just saw an online service (named after a guy…you know the one), where someone was trying to sell a pop out retractable trade show booth stand and the stand was stuffed into a used box with the previous packaging tape still dangling off of it. You couldn’t see the assembled product, it was presented poorly, and it looked like no one really cared whether they sold it or not. Do you have this problem with your trade show booth?

The components of your trade show booth, including displays, flooring, lighting, and staffing, should always be presented as a whole; when a customer sees your booth, they know what they’re getting in product and service. If your booth says “second-hand” or even “damaged goods” in the way it’s put together, you’re not going to attract the clientele you want. So let’s look at how to make your booth the top seller at the exhibition.

Trade show booth flooring is often overlooked because it doesn’t relate directly to sales. Or does it? If you’re standing on hard concrete all day, your energy is going to be sapped in the first hour (especially if you had to haul a heavy roll of carpet in for your booth). Simply, you’re not going to be at your best. With a comfortable, shock-absorbing flooring beneath you, like EVA foam, you’ll not only be fresh from the get-go, but you’ll still be comfortable by the end of the day. And that actually will affect your sales. An energetic and passionate representative at a trade show will always do better than a fatigued, I-just-want-to-go-home rep.

Once you’ve got the right trade show booth flooring in place, you can focus on the displays that will hold your product and information about it. Does the structure and color scheme work well with the product and other components of your booth? Is it too busy? Does it allow for easy access and movement of traffic?  How about lighting? Is it focused on your product in a way that compliments it or distorts it? Pay attention to the details!

You wouldn’t accept damaged goods, so don’t let your trade show booth come across that way. Be careful with its design, its components and the way it’s staffed, and your visitors at the exhibition will know you mean business. And that’s what it’s all about.