Disaster Before the Trade Show

Have you ever had absolutely everything go wrong just before a trade show event? Lose directions, printer goes wonky, product didn’t ship, staff catches pneumonia, and the car rental place doesn’t seem to have your reservation? Yeah, absolute nightmare. One thing that is always in your control, however, is the flooring material you choose for your booth. Granted, when all that other stuff is happening, it’s hard to see your floor as the silver lining, but if you have light-weight, easily-maintained and -installed flooring, well, at least you don’t have to worry about that.

Trade shows are always a bit of a crap shoot in terms of meeting your goals, so when it comes to making your product and your booth as attractive as possible, you don’t want to cut corners – and that’s where EVA foam mats come into play. You can blend your flooring right into the color scheme of the rest of your booth with a couple of colors of 3/8″ EVA foam mats or you can add a touch of class and elegance with some wood grain EVA foam mats. Either way, your booth looks “put together” and your product will gain more focus.

EVA foam mats are easy to transport and install. Because they’re made of foam, they’re super lightweight so you’re not breaking your back installing a roll of carpet before each show. It takes only a few minutes to snap the mats together by their puzzle-piece-like edges. When the show is done, simply take the mats apart and load them into whatever storage container you choose. They’re ready for the next show (even though you might need a break!).

Trade shows can get messy and so can trade show booth floors, but EVA foam mats are easily cleaned and maintained. Simply sweep off any debris, wipe up any spills, and they’re as good as new. They really are that easy to handle. And if a mat ever becomes damaged, you just have to replace that single mat, not the whole flooring system.

When everything else goes wrong, you can count on your EVA foam trade show flooring to be there for you. I’d say they’ve got your back, but really they’ve got your booth.