Floor Mats Can Raise Your Bottom Line

Comfortable trade show booth staffers are more likely to be engaging, enthusiastic and motivated, which is why providing them with trade show booth flooring is a must if you on the circuit. We’re not talking heavy rolls of carpet they have to lug in and out of the exhibition hall, we’re talking light-weight, stackable, movable, and affordable EVA foam mats.

After about one hour on a hard concrete trade show floor, you’re about ready to give up, but after many more hours standing on EVA foam, you’re still comfortable and ready to pitch. What is this magical EVA foam? Think flip-flops. Yep, it’s the same stuff. Now imagine that material in 2’x2′ squares with interlocking tabs like puzzle pieces. You put them down in any configuration you choose, finish the edges with straight pieces, and you have an anti-fatigue foundation from which to launch your campaign at the trade show. When the show’s over, just disconnect them from one another, stack them up, and take them back to the office. Unlike carpet, EVA trade show flooring won’t hold stains, either. Just sweep off debris and wipe up any spots. If a mat becomes damaged, you don’t have to replace the whole floor, like you would with carpet. You can just replace the damaged piece with a new one.

So how does this trade show booth flooring increase your bottom line? For starters, it lowers your overhead cost for the show. EVA foam mats are much more affordable than carpet and will last longer. They take less time to install and put away than carpet, so your paid staff time is less. They support the joints of the staff working the show, so they’re likely to feel physically enthusiastic and engaging, so more contacts are made. More contacts = more sales. ‘Nuff said.

Instead of hiring an expensive marketing firm to tell you how to get more out of your trade shows, try making that tiny little investment in some EVA foam mats for your booth. Once you have that foundation in place, building on it will be a piece of cake.