Foam Mats in Trade Shows and Retail Settings

Recently, an organic foods grocery store in a small town made an addition to its store that got some welcome attention. They put six EVA foam mats behind the counters and the employees couldn’t be happier! “We could use about 4 more, because people are pushing the mats one way or the other so they’re in the right places. I guess we’ll be ordering again!”

How could your establishment or trade show booth benefit from foam mats? Well, there’s just about no downside to making the addition. Anyone who’s ever worked in retail will tell you that the constant standing is a stress on the feet, knees, hips, and lower back, and if you’ve ever worked a trade show booth, you’ve experienced the same thing. Concrete, hard wood, or tile can cause all kinds of bodily stress. And at the end of the day, you don’t want your people looking tired and miserable because there are still sales to be made. And a happy, comfortable employee is going to make the sale, secure the contact, and put the best face on your business or product.

Easily cleaned, stored, and transported, EVA foam mats are a godsend for the trade show booth. They’re incredibly lightweight, so swapping out your carpet roll for some attractive mats won’t break your back. Mats come in all colors to fit snugly into your color scheme or logo requirements, and some even come in attractive wood grain for a classy, professional look. Bring them home from the trade show and use them behind counters, in stocking rooms, or food prep areas and feel the difference!

Your business is getting your product into the hands of consumers, and your presence at a trade show can boost that business. Using some low-cost, high-yield foam mats can make a world of difference in the way your contacts and customers perceive your product. This is one business-builder you shouldn’t do without.