Forget the Giveaways

My spouse handed me a doo-dad yesterday he received from a vendor at a trade show and I didn’t even know what it was, which gave me the opportunity to highlight what a waste of money giveaways are (and how a truly elegant trade show booth floor might have made a greater impression). It was a little out of left field, but I think the point was made: my spouse couldn’t even remember which vendor had given him the gadget.

Making people feel comfortable and important in your trade show booth is priority #1, and a soft, supportive, and surprisingly elegant EVA wood grain foam floor can make an impression that will last a heck of a lot longer than a gadget you don’t know how to use. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. You’re walking around for hours on a hard concrete convention center floor. How do you feel? Tired, achy, losing interest by the minute. Now you approach what looks like a beautiful hardwood floor and step on it without thinking. Suddenly your eyes are cast downward to figure out what it is you’ve just encountered: it’s soft! The relief is instant, the pleasure of it spreads to your face and into a quizzical smile. You have to ask.

Ok, so your first conversation with potential customers at the trade show might end up being about your EVA foam flooring system, but you’ll get to your pitch eventually. The thing is, when you make that kind of impression on your customers, they’re going to remember you. You’ve made that effort of making them comfortable and welcome, and that means much more than a refrigerator magnet ever will. But here’s the other thing: while your competitors are still standing on that hard concrete floor, you’ve been standing on a shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue flooring system that has kept you at the top of your game all day long. When the last hour of the trade show rolls around, you have much more energy and enthusiasm than your competition, which could translate into more contacts and a better return on your trade show investment.

Refrigerator magnets get lost, pens (that never work) get trashed before they leave the exhibition hall, and gadgets whose purpose is unclear might sit on the desk or kitchen counter for days until they get tossed, but a memorable experience on a soft, cushioned, wood grain floor will stick in the memory for a long time. Make your trade show investments wisely with the purchase of a classy trade show booth floor that does a team’s worth of work for you. Working smarter, not harder.