Getting the Most Out Of Your 100 Square Feet

Trade shows are challenging enough as it is, but sometimes the limited floor space you’re allotted is ridiculously small and you wonder how you’ll ever make it work. We have a few creative ideas to suggest to help you get the most bang for your buck from the postage stamp parcel you have to work with.

Trade show booths are usually square or rectangular in shape, with one full side being open to pedestrians. One way to utilize the maximum amount of space is to use tables and displays to direct the flow of traffic toward the spot where you want engagement to happen. Want to have lengthy conversations with potential customers? Consider some closely placed chairs away from the crowd. Do you just want to get your giveaways into as many hands as possible? Station small displays and staff close to the edge of the booth to engage as many passers-by as they can. Keep the area relatively free of overwhelming signage, technology, and noise, because in a small space, a little is going to go a very, very, very long way.

Simplicity and minimalism will be the keys to a small but successful trade show booth. Keep your product or other conversation starters at eye level so they’re easily seen from several yards away from your booth. This may be just enough encouragement to get someone into your booth who would have walked past a table with brochures on it. Make sure your color choices are appealing and communicate the message of your product or service. Having some unusually classy flooring that stands out from the crowd won’t take up space and may even attract attendees. Loud, flashy colors may attract young children, but they don’t necessarily communicate professionalism in, say, a plumbing fixture business. Integrate product, service, message, and design for a simple, classy trade show booth display.

Don’t despair if you have one of the smallest booths at the trade show. In a smaller space, you have to hone your message and communicate quickly and cleanly, something you’d like to be able to do ideally in every networking and marketing situation anyway. Take advantage of the opportunity to try new techniques and see what works and what doesn’t. But always remember that the old saying is true: less is more.