Give Sore Feet the Boot

You know that feeling when you’re walking around the trade show floor, sizing up the other booths, and you see somebody’s flooring and you think “Man, that’s some really impressive flooring. I wish I had that flooring for my trade show booth.” Yeah, most people don’t know that feeling either. We’re typically focused on the display, the banners, the equipment, all that kind of stuff, but you know what’s universally true of people working trade show booths that aren’t concerned about flooring? Sore feet. You know what’s an absolutely miserable way to end the day? Sooooore feet.

You know what prevents sore feet? Good flooring for your trade show booth. It’s extremely cheap, it can actually add a little flair to the booth, and most importantly, whether you’re a brand new business without a lot of capital, or this is the millionth trade show you’ve been to, and you’ve got it down to a science, you can’t put a price tag on not having sore feet by the end of the show. That’s especially true when you consider that the discomfort that fatigue brings will impact your ability to engage with patrons at the booth. The less you have to sit down during the day, the better—you want to meet patrons energetically, and on your feet. If you’ve got the right kind of flooring beneath you, it’s a whole lot easier to do just that.

For trade show flooring, our typical recommendation is the EVA foam mat. You can purchase them in a bunch of different colors and styles, so you can mix and match if it suits your booth’s theme, or go with something like bamboo-style flooring for an elegant-yet-comfortable choice. They’re interlocking tiles, so they’re easy to store, super-easy to set up and take down, and they’re resistant to most chemicals and are extremely easy to clean, unlike a more traditional carpet square or rug which might require shampooing or vacuuming at a given point.

The trade show is always a big endeavor, so don’t let a little detail like flooring impede your ability to give it its due. Come prepared, and leave with happy feet and new clients.