Give Your Booth a Floor Lift

Is your trade show booth ready for the fall and winter exhibition circuit? Maybe it could use a little pick-me-up – what do you think? You always hear the term “facelift” when it comes to making something appear a little better, but where your trade show booth is concerned, a floor lift might just be in order.

Improving the look and performance of your trade show booth floor is going to do wonders for your business this fall. Toss that heavy roll of carpet, and forget about standing on convention center concrete for hours on end. The improvement you’re looking for is affordable, lightweight, shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue, and durable. It’s called EVA foam. Yes, it’s the stuff your flip-flops are made out of and it’s going to be the ticket to a better trade show experience for you and all the visitors to your booth.

With an elegant wood grain EVA foam flooring system for your trade show booth, you will notice a difference in perception about your business. Happens all the time. People see it from a distance and think you’ve installed an expensive hardwood floor beneath your booth. You’ll love the look on their faces as they stare at their feet upon stepping into your booth. It’s not hardwood! It’s soft, comfortable, and it looks like wood. What a warm and elegant addition! Or maybe you choose some solid color multi-purpose EVA foam mats to complement the colors of your business. Either way, you’re adding support, softness, and maybe a touch of playfulness to your trade show booth.

When EVA foam mats are the foundation of your trade show booth, you don’t have to worry about all those trade show mishaps, either. The mats are water- and stain-resistant, so when the inevitable coffee spills on your floor, rather than having that gigantic roll of carpet professionally cleaned, you just wipe up the spill and you’re done. Maintaining the mats is just as easy: sweep them off, maybe mop with a little water occasionally and they look good as new. And if one of the mats does ever become damaged, you can simply replace that single tile with an extra, rather than throwing out the whole system.

So consider giving your trade show booth floor a lift before you hit the winter circuit. Your customers will be impressed, your own feet will love you, and your business just may see a better bottom line out of the trade show.