Giving the Old Booth New Life

If your trade show booth doesn’t look much different than the lemonade stand you had as a kid, it might be a good idea to think about an update. How long has it been since you took a really good look at your trade show booth? Try setting it up and walking into the room, looking at it as though it were the first time you’d ever seen it. What are your impressions? Does it scream 80s? Is it too busy? Does it communicate your brand or product immediately or does it leave you wondering what you’re looking at? Asking these kinds of questions can help you discover what you need to do (and sometimes it’s hard!) to give your trade show booth the lift it needs.

Traffic Flow

Does your booth draw people in or encourage them to stay on the periphery? A layout designed to pull customers into the actual booth offers greater opportunity to engage them in face-to-face situations, which marketing experts agree is the most successful way to close a deal. Keep people engaged, entertained, and interested; it can be easy to “trap” them in a dead-end booth, but to make them feel comfortable and in control, they’ll need easy access, both in and out. Intrigue them, invite them, engage and entertain – keys to positive traffic flow.

Popping Identity

There are certain brands that are recognized almost universally (you know who they are). How do you make your brand stand out and be recognized? Start with the last known date of your brand makeover – was it within the last 5 years? 10 years? Can’t remember?? Yes, it can cost a small fortune to go through re-branding, even just an update. But you’ll end up paying in the long run if your brand or message is out of date; make the investment now!

If your trade show booth reflects an outdated message or looks like it was designed in the 70s, an update is an absolute necessity. In addition to taking a look at the business brand as a whole and designing the booth to maximize traffic flow, you should also consider low-cost methods of updating the booth.

Depending on the type of booth you have, you may be eligible for some trade-in options or discounts. Some trade show exhibit firms will offer discounts on bigger-and-better if you trade in your current, good-condition booth.

Sometimes, adjustments in signage or graphics is all a booth needs to give it a little life. Renting additional tech components will bring your booth into the modern era (just make sure you know how to use the tech!), and grab a few sets of eyes that might have walked past a table with printed brochures. Unique lighting is always a good idea, too, especially if it can highlight your product.

Don’t give up on the old booth – there are plenty of options available to update it, make it productive and attractive, and ultimately another efficient component of your marketing plan.