Growing a Small Business with Trade Shows

How does a small business become a bigger business? By investing. Investing in opportunities that may help your business grow. One such opportunity is the trade show. Trade exhibitions are hugely popular, especially in the big business sector, but it’s hard for small business to make a dent in that area. But by investing a little time, money, and planning, a small business can produce huge returns by participating in local and smaller trade shows.

You need people to see and experience your product or service. What better way than to actually get it into their hands while you talk to them about it? That’s the opportunity a trade show offers. Your potential customers are voluntarily in an environment designed for you to showcase your product. In essence, they’ve already walked in your door. Now what are you going to do?

Forget the folding table and common vinyl banner. At a trade show, that’s like setting up a TV tray on a street corner. You want to communicate the integrity and quality of your business even before you talk to anyone. So a booth designed for this purpose will be your best advertising. This is where a little investment comes in. A booth designed for flexibility, class, comfort, and ease of traffic movement will go miles toward bringing trade show customers straight to your booth. Complementary colors with your logo will be eye-catching. Perhaps even highlight your booth and product with focused lighting. Lighting directs the eye to whatever it’s shining on, so make sure it’s your product or company logo. Attractive booth components, like seating, display cases, and even flooring will tell your customers that you’re serious about their needs.

The booth is your key to unlocking the potential thousands of new contacts and customers at the trade show. Make sure it’s attractive and not cluttered, simple but not simplistic, and squarely focused on giving your customers the opportunity they want.