Growing Your Business and Staff with Trade Shows

Trade shows serve several functions including, but not limited to, attracting future clients, introducing a new product or service, and making industry contacts. But too few businesses consider the trade show as a venue for attracting a work force. How you present your business at a trade exhibition can boost your company’s image and make someone say, “Hmm, it would be really cool to work here.”

You can use social media till you’re blue in the face, update your website daily, but nothing can compare with face-to-face interaction. That’s why the trade show should be a key component of your marketing and hiring strategy. Maybe someone sees a post or checks out your website. That’s a great lead-in, but they’re going to want to meet you and feel the company’s environment and culture out. Those are things that can’t be done with authenticity through digital media.

What is a potential addition to your company looking for when they come to your trade show booth? They’re looking for people who are genuinely excited about their jobs, who act with a vested interest in the success of the business, and who represent it well to newcomers. Included in that will be a thorough knowledge of the product, but also the company’s history, its leadership, and its vision for the future. Someone who speaks knowledgeably about all these things is someone who has bought into the business (perhaps figuratively), and will help attract additions to your work force.

Getting the right people in place at the trade show is just as crucial as your location on the floor and the design of your booth. You need traffic, you need an eye-catching booth, and you need cheerleaders. With these things planned well in advance, combined with social media, website, and email outreach, your experience at the trade show will attract not only future customers and leads, it will attract the right kind of people to join you in your business venture.