Heading to the Show

So, you’re headed to the trade show, but where is your trade show booth headed? A question people often forget to ask, but the naked truth of the matter is that the simple exposure having a booth provides can’t be your endgame if you want to capitalize on the opportunity to its fullest. You’re going to get the most mileage from your booth if you can do two things: make your booth attractive (in the literal sense—you want it to attract people), and make yourself as personable as possible. And believe it or not, the secret weapon of a trade show expert is your booth’s flooring.

Seem bizarre? Well, it’s not really; your trade show flooring can be both an accent to your booth’s aesthetic, complimenting the advertisements and marketing that are already there, and it will help you stay on your game throughout a long day. The more comfortable you are, the more approachable you are, and the more you’re going to be able to be focused on making sales and connections. Don’t forget your comfortable chairs and tables for when you’re sitting, but when you’re on your feet, which is where you’ll spend most of your productive time, nothing’s going to make that more comfortable than some high-quality EVA foam.

The pandemic of sore feet at trade shows can be powerfully alleviated by the right kind of flooring. And, it comes in way more colors than rubber grey. There are some really high-quality woodgrain patterned options, as well as mix-and-match solid color options that can be coordinated with your logos and signs. You can throw away the carpet that’s been laden with years worth of trade show grime and stains and comfortably switch over to these. And if, god forbid, you’ve been standing on a concrete convocation center floor this whole time, well… these are going to rock your world and probably pretty dramatically improve your results in the trade show endeavor.