If the Barn Needs Painting…

Nothing drives customers from a business or trade show booth faster than shabby presentation. If your booth at the trade show looks like it was thrown together like a last-minute high school English project, it’s time to grow up.

A really great way to decide if your booth needs a makeover is to set it up and have someone who has never seen it before take a look. Ask them to judge your booth on presentation, ease of understanding and maneuverability, and overall appeal. Would they be motivated to stop at this booth? What draws their attention? What drives them away? The answers to these questions will tell you where your focus needs to be as you prepare to update your trade show booth.

You’ve seen international brands that jump out at you. Their colors, emblems, fonts, and even shapes tell you who they are. It’s taken years to get them to that point, and your business will be no different. Spend some time re-thinking how your logo lands on the eye. How can you make it more memorable? Many make the mistake of making logos too busy. It’s just too much for a customer to remember. Keep it simple and classy, professional and elegant. Keep it at the core of your trade show booth and make sure it’s easily seen from a distance. If that means adding height to the booth, don’t be afraid to do that.

So they see your booth across the exhibition hall – how do you drive them to the booth itself? If you’ve been successful at planning, you’ve been allocated a spot on the floor that’s easily accessible, on a main thoroughfare, and isn’t overwhelmed by other booths whose taste may run a little more loud than yours. The path is clear, and they approach. Now what? What about your booth is inviting? Is the booth laid out in such a way that invites foot traffic in, allows customers to peruse comfortably and with plenty of space, and offers a space for you to talk one-on-one? If it is, you’ve done good work.

Now they’re in your booth and are engaged. The final step is making sure your attendees leave with either a product, service, or definite plans to make contact again. Having plenty of take-homes available is an absolute necessity. Getting their information before they leave, a must. But leaving them with a unique impression of your booth and business are equally as important. So as Grandpa used to say, “If the barn needs painting, give it a coat of paint.”

Don’t let your booth ever look outdated or uncared for. Communicate the seriousness and integrity of your purpose with a trade show booth that does the same.