“Is This a Trade Show or Am I at the Beach?”

Sitting down at your trade show booth is the equivalent of wearing headphones on an airplane: it communicates the message that you’re not interested in being spoken to. Is that what you wan to say? Of course not, so how do we keep you on your feet, energized, and letting folks know that you want to engage them? By making you comfortable on some attractive and soft EVA foam floor mats.

If might seem like nothing, but having comfortable flooring for your trade show booth can actually make a significant impact on how well you do at the exhibition. The reason is twofold: if you’re comfortable, you’ll engage better, and if your potential customers are comfortable, they’ll be more likely to stick around a little longer. And right there is your opportunity. Everybody’s feeling good, so now’s the right time for your pitch.

Some types of trade show booth flooring can actually be so attractive that they can attract potential customers to your booth all by themselves. Imagine a customer walking those hard floors all morning. They see your booth which looks like it’s got a beautiful hardwood floor. “Hmm…those folks really went all out on their booth. I’ll take a look.” Then they step into your booth and their feet and joints are immediately soothed and cushioned by 3/8″ of EVA foam. Yeah, they’re probably going to stay a minute or two longer.

Of course, before you can make your pitch, you’re going to need to explain your floor. “I thought this was wood!” You’ll get that a lot. You can quickly explain that it’s actually flip-flop material, just like they’d wear at the beach. (Ooo – good idea: associate you booth with the beach and they’ll be even more relaxed!) Once they’ve composed themselves, they’ll be very interested to continue the engagement. Your floor certainly got their attention; the rest is up to you.