Launch Your Trade Show Experience

When your business doesn’t have something as show-stopping as a $500 flamethrower to market at the trade show, you’re going to need something perhaps not as eye-catching, but more practical and welcoming, like a soft, anti-fatigue EVA foam flooring system in your trade show booth.

We can’t all be billionaire business owners, but we can do our level best to make our trade show booths the most attractive and product-supporting they can be, by installing some professional, classy, and comfortable trade show booth mats in our booths at the exhibitions. For less than the aforementioned flamethrower, you can give your trade show booth a facelift and provide your staffers and guests with supportive, anti-fatigue flooring that will leave a positively burning impression in their minds. It won’t actually set anything on fire, but it will fan the flames of interest in your business and your product.

Making the positive first impression is crucial to your take-away from the trade show experience, and having the classy look of wood grain flooring will definitely help in that endeavor. When a guest steps onto what they thought was going to be a hardwood floor but is greeted instead by shock-absorbing flip-flop material, they’ll feel comforted and welcomed. Your first impression is a good one. Then it’s up to you and your staff to seal the deal with a great pitch, superior customer service, and a must-have product.

For the easily recognizable comfort of carpet, you can opt for some carpet-topped EVA foam mats that will bring warmth and richness of color to your booth, color-coordinated with your business’ colors. The carpet-topped mats are easily installed yourself in just minutes without the back-breaking job of hauling a roll of carpet around the various venues in which you participate. It’s easy to give your booth the family room feel with easily maintained carpet-topped mats.

Maybe you didn’t launch a rocket or build a self-driving car, but you did go all out in your choice of flooring for your trade show booth when you decided to install EVA foam flooring mats. We’re not saying they will turn your business into a headliner, but they’re definitely going to make your trade show experience more pleasant and profitable.