Laying the Foundation for a Great Trade Show Booth

You’ve got a great product, you’ve chosen your best salespeople, and with a knockout trade show booth flooring system, you’ll be way ahead of your competition when the exhibition opens to the public. Products and energetic salespeople are givens as you prepare for the trade show, but imagine for a moment what a wood grain flooring system would look like under your trade show booth. It could definitely kick the classiness up a notch! But it can do even more.

Your competitors will definitely be at the same events you attend, so you’ve got to have a way of making your trade show booth stand out in a unique way; a faux wood grain EVA foam floor is just the trick. Think of the booth from the attendees’ perspectives. They’ve been walking around on the hard convention center floor for hours, hearing similar pitches at each booth. What’s going to make you different and unique enough that they remember you? Well, when they step onto that EVA foam floor, their attention will likely be diverted from you and your product momentarily as they look down to see what on earth this soft stuff is that they originally thought was expensive hardwood. Their feet instantly feel relief (which translates to an overall increased feeling of well-being). Is that something they’ll remember? Oh yeah! Yours was the business that went out of its way to make its guests feel comfortable and welcomed. Think about it – which would you rather have, relieved feet or a refrigerator magnet?

Perhaps one of the best characteristics of EVA foam flooring for trade show booths is its versatility. The wood grain mats come in several different styles, so you can play it upscale with a Classic Oak finish, or make it fun and quirky with a cork surface. Prefer color? No problem – the same 3/8″ of EVA foam comes in solid colors so you could probably pick one or two that complement your business colors and create an eye-catching pattern to bring the whole look together. Whichever way you go, you’re getting the best foundation for your booth.

Trade show booth mats, whether wood grain or multi-colored, are so easy to install, you’ll have to actually do it once to believe it. The mats are square and have tabs along the edges so they lock together like puzzle pieces. From unloading to installed, we’re talking minutes. Sweep them off at the end of the exhibition, maybe wipe them down with a damp rag, slide them into a shoulder bag and hit the road. So simple.

A good foundation is essential for anything you do in life, including the trade show circuit, so make sure your foundation is an attractive, durable, and affordable EVA foam floor.