Lightweight, Heavy-duty Carpet for the Trade Show

Finally, there’s an easily transported, richly colored, anti-fatigue trade show booth floor covering that will have you and your customers sighing with relief. And there’s no better way to make a great first impression than to bring comfort and ease to the guests visiting your trade show booth. 

Trade show booth floor covering has always been a bit of a struggle if we’re honest. You could forego it altogether and just take your chances with the venue’s flooring surface, but you never know if it will work with the overall aesthetic you’re trying to create with your booth. So you invest in some flooring that will work for you. Trouble is, too often that has meant a heavy roll of carpet (which is most likely stained and worn) that breaks your back even before the event begins. But there is a better solution.

Premium carpet topped EVA foam mats bring padding and comfort to your joints, a welcome, comfortable greeting to your customers, and a look that blends seamlessly with your booth’s style and purpose. These lightweight floor mats connect to each other with interlocking tabs, kind of like a puzzle, so they’re installed in mere minutes. You can stack them in a convenient shoulder bag and cart them around from venue to venue without even breaking a sweat. The look of commercial carpet is warm and inviting, but the true secret to their success is the 3/8″ of EVA foam padding beneath them. It’s the stuff your flip-flops are made from, so you know it’s as light as a feather. Once you’ve connected the mats, you’re energized and ready for the rest of the show, rather than slumped sweating and aching in a chair.

If a spill happens on your roll of carpet, well, it’s pretty much a permanent stain, but if one of your carpet topped EVA foam mats ever becomes damaged, you can simply replace that single mat and your whole floor is good as new. No professional cleaning costs, no whole-floor replacement costs. This is a flooring system that will last for years and will look good as new years into the trade show circuit.

Ditch the old, stained roll of carpet and launch your trade show booth into a new era of productivity with some premium carpet topped EVA foam mats.