Make a Statement at the Next Trade Show

If you’re part of a trade exhibition that encompasses multiple floors of a giant exhibition hall, how are you going to get attendees to stop at your booth? You’ve got giant competitors, an overwhelming venue, and a limited amount of time in which to make your statement. 

The use of social media prior to the event is a key to unlocking potential at the trade show itself. Strategic marketing will encourage people to plan ahead to stop at your booth for a giveaway or drawing. And that’s all done before you get to the show. But how about once you’re there? What’s to make passers-by stop and spend valuable time in your booth? One obvious suggestion is to make your booth visibly appealing and interesting.

If you are a less well-known brand than your competitors, you’ll have to take extra steps to stand out from the crowd. A well-designed, elegant, and eye-catching booth display can do this. So start at the bottom and work you way up. The venue is likely in a large building with concrete floors, and that’s going to take a toll on you and the people who are wandering around the exhibition all day. Offer them and your staffers a comfortable respite from the cold hard floors by building your booth over some attractive flooring alternative like faux wood grain EVA foam mats. The shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue mats will make them remember your booth simply because they felt physically comfortable in it. And your staff will be energized and ready to talk all day long.

Strategically placed lighting can focus eyes on your product if it’s well-placed and accessible to the wandering eye. Don’t hide it at table-level, but elevate it so that it can be seen over the tops of heads from a distance. Small, focused spotlights can help draw attention to it. And once the potential customer arrives, you have your work cut out for you. Make sure the booth is easily navigated and has room for private conversations as well as for the folks who just want to wander.

You have a limited amount of time to make your pitch; start making a statement even before your new customers arrive at your booth with the use of social media, attractive, unusual, and comfortable flooring, focused lighting, and a well-energized staff.