Make Money in Your Sleep

Using EVA foam multipurpose mats as the foundation for your trade show booth is like making money in your sleep. Seriously. Because long after the show is over, when you’re in your hotel room or at home, tucking yourself in for the night, the people who visited your booth are lying in their beds thinking back on the booths they visited at the exhibition and yours is coming to mind. Why did yours stand out? Because the minute they stepped into your area, their feet were greeted with softness and support. Yes, while you’re sleeping, the memory of your booth is still impacting your visitors, and creating fond memories of your product or service. You’re literally making money in your sleep.

Could you achieve this end without soft, interlocking foam mats as your trade show booth’s floor? Maybe – how good is your product? To make certain you make the most positive impression on your booth’s guests, you do everything you can imagine and afford to make their experience outstanding. And EVA foam floor mats are attractive, functional, versatile, and affordable. You really can’t go wrong here. The mats lock together with puzzle-piece tabs. This allows you to choose multiple colors to create a design and color scheme that complements your business colors. The mats are also available in a faux wood grain finish to give a super classy, upscale look. If you want a truly warm feel, the mats can even be ordered with a carpet top. Any style you choose, you’re getting a minimum of 3/8″ of shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue EVA foam to cushion your feet, keep your back from aching, and impress the heck out of your clients.

If you’re serious about that whole “first impressions” thing, and you should be, especially at a trade show (which is not unlike speed dating…), start with an attractive, versatile, and easily transported and installed flooring system made with EVA foam mats. And while you sleep, you can literally rest assured that your clients are thinking about their next contact and transaction with your business.