Need a Makeover?

Looking for a way to make your trade show booth more playful, elegant, or interesting? A simple change in your flooring could be all you need. Colored patterns, cork, faux wood grain – even bamboo – can add the touch you’re looking for.

When you set up your trade show booth, what does the floor add to or subtract from it? If you’re just working with the cold, hard concrete of the exhibition hall, it does nothing to contribute to your booth, and even subtracts energy and enthusiasm for sales because your joints are killing you after just an hour. But let’s say you brought along some 3/8″ EVA foam mats and built your booth on top of them. Now we’re talkin’. You’ve immediately added comfort, which is paramount to a good performance and your success at the trade show.

What else do EVA foam mats do for your booth? They can give it personality. You never thought of your booth as having personality before, did you? With the addition of some solid color foam mats you can coordinate with your brand colors. You can use a couple different colors to create patterns that really catch the eye (personality *and* good looks!).

If you want your booth to say “classy,” nothing does it better than some wood grain EVA foam mats. A classic oak finish will make passersby think it’s real wood until they step on it. Watch it happen: they’re looking up at where they’re going, but as soon as they step into your booth, they immediately look down, because what they thought was hard wood, is soft, comfortable, and well, shocking! It’s so comfortable that after a few hours of walking around the hard exhibition hall, they might just decide to camp out on your wood grain mats for a little reprieve for their feet!

Now if you want your booth to take on an appearance that’s radically different from the others, choose from a variety of intriguing EVA foam mats. Differently colored faux wood grains, bamboo, and if you want to go full-fascinating, cork. Wouldn’t a cork floor raise a few eyebrows??

Give your booth a facelift…well, maybe a floorlift…with some anti-fatigue, eye-catching, affordable EVA foam mats and actually enjoy working the booth next time.