New Year, New Trade Show Booth

When you’re in the market for a facelift for your trade show booth, start with your booth’s floor, its foundation, and make sure you begin with soft, supportive, anti-fatigue EVA foam floor mats. This is hands-down the most affordable and attractive way to begin the transformation your trade show booth needs.

You could go all-in and hire a firm to redesign your entire trade show booth, but if you’re conservative about new expenditures, EVA foam trade show booth flooring will yield satisfying results at a fraction of the cost and other resource outlays. Just picture your current setup on top of a faux wood grain floor that looks exactly like real hardwood. The class factor of your booth just shot up a million points. Maybe you want the booth to seem more inviting, more familiar and friendly; install some carpet topped mats to give the whole thing a family room feel (who doesn’t want to spend time in a family room?). Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to bring all the components of your booth together. Some solid color EVA foam mats chosen to reflect your business colors and theme will do that in spades.

EVA foam is soft, supportive, and cushions joints so you and your booth’s visitors feel comfortable and energized. When you’re on the trade show circuit, comfort can be the difference between an energetic staff and one that can’t wait to get home. Which would you rather have interacting with potential customers? Imagine feeling just as energized at the end of the day as you do when you first arrive at the venue? That kind of energy will be apparent to visitors and will reflect well on your business. Not to mention that an attractive floor like that will probably draw customers in: is that really hardwood??

For a fraction of the cost of a whole-booth makeover, you can transform the look and appeal of your booth with EVA foam trade show booth flooring mats. You can install them yourself in minutes, saving you time during the crucial moments before the venue opens. When the day is over, sweep the mats off, disassemble them, and place them in a shoulder bag for transport back home. No heavy rolls of carpet or area rugs, no aching backs. Just customer-friendly, anti-fatigue elegance that will immediately bring results.