Remember my last post about hoping to find some trade show genius who made their booth comfortable with some soft, welcoming EVA foam mats? Yeah. Never happened. With over 600 booths, not one had taken the time to pay a little attention to the flooring under their tables, chairs, or displays. And I have the sore joints to prove it. Pictured is a pair of shoes worn by another attendee. How do you think she felt about an hour into the show?!

Of course I’m focused now on organizing my free samples and business cards, but I can tell you that about 6 hours into the show, I was really ready for some soft flooring. But that didn’t play into any of the vendors’ plans for their booths. It would have been so easy to connect a few EVA foam mats, maybe even a nice oak-finished EVA mat and I would have immediately gravitated toward that booth in search of comfort and a business that shows by its flooring that it cares about its customers. Instead, I went from booth to booth, being pitched and overloaded with free samples.

A business that cares about its customers’ comfort at a trade show is going to stand out, and nothing says that better than an inviting, anti-fatigue floor. Customers will forget which booth they ordered from, who gave them what, but they will remember a unique, padded, comfortable floor. It will be that one thing that stands out in their minds and sets you apart, because it’s likely you will be the only one who has taken that extra step. Trust me – I’d remember you!